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Getaway in Stockholm 1
At dawn a black Porsche 911 is pulled over by police just south of Stockholm. This marks the beginning of one of the most brutal car chases ever-past the Stockholm Globe Arena, through the alleys of Old Town, past the Royal Castle and the Royal guards, right through downtown and the harbor to run from the law. At high speeds, sometimes above 250 km/h, running red lights, going the wrong way on one-way streets and sidewalks the driver is willing to give anything to getaway...

Getaway in Stockholm 2
The second cult movie from the makers of Getaway in Stockholm 1 with even more excitement and wilder car chases than before. A Toyota Supra and a Ford Escort Cossworth vs. the Swedish Police - the heavy-weight champions in a documentary on street racing, a cat-and-mouse game with the Swedish Police in the night of Stockholm.

Getaway in Stockholm 1 & 2 DVD out now for world wide delivery!

Getaway in Stockholm 3
A classic two-seater with a midmounted engine, a fast boat and a helicopter - all three perform in this third documentary about a high speed pursuit through the night of Stockholm.

A Honda NSX is in the hands of one of the world's most famous traffic violators. Once again Mr. X challenges the Swedish police department in this favorite movie for speed freaks when he sets a new record racing through Stockholm. A journey through the city at speeds so high that even the helicopter has a hard time catching up, he jumps into a fast boat, everything to escape the long arm of the law...

Getaway in Stockholm 3 DVD out October 12 2002  for world wide delivery!

Getaway in Stockholm 4
The world's most famous traffic violator Mr X challenges not only the police but also the true American sports car legend, the Corvette C5. With its powerful V8 engine it is driven by the extremely fast street racing beauty Miss Corvette.

When they put the pedal to the metal in the fastest, wildest and craziest car chase documentary ever through downtown Stockholm it can only result in one thing-unbelievable driving never seen before! When they cross the finish line at the other side of Stockholm, the duo has given the pursuing cops a driving lesson they will never forget...

Getaway in Stockholm 4 DVD out October 15 2003 for world wide delivery!

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